Holiday camps

During the school holidays Eaton Golf Club provides holiday camps for juniors. The main aim of these camps is to provide fun and enjoyment whilst getting plenty of course time and providing new skills.

Example of a 3 hour Camp

  • Golf warm up – including band 30m walk each, reverse lunge, press up, squats, rotational drills
  • Betterball on course
  • Chipping skills variety – Shot selection and trajectory control
  • 10% error skills landing + direction
  • Bunker skills – Variety of lies
  • Chipping – Island Hopper
  • Fairway wood keys

Hunting ceilings : Skill sessions

These skill sessions are designed towards more advanced junior golfers

  • Skills Tests. - short game skills, putting skills etc
  • Constructive practice sessions. - GC Quad monitored scoring sessions, 1 hour specific targeted practice
  • Monitored practice sessions
  • On course strategy talks 



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