Note that this Policy is in addition to the Policy which relates to suspension of play and course closure due to electrical storms.

We should endeavour to keep the course open as much as possible. 

The procedure is that the course IS inspected by the greens staff when they come in to work.  In the Winter this is at 07:30 and much earlier in Summer months.  If they believe the course must be closed then they  inform the Pro’s Shop and a recorded message regarding the status of the Course is available from our telephone menu.  This is updated each morning and is available from 0800.

The course will be closed if any of the following criteria apply:

  • Conditions under which the ground is likely to be significantly damaged by traffic, especially in close-mown areas.  Damage includes churning up the ground, compaction, lasting damage to the turf, etc.
    • Ground conditions which are considered to be dangerous due to slip hazards
    • Other factors which affect the safety of players e.g. fog.

In the specific instance of fog then the professional (or Course Committee representative) will make the decision, but no-one may play if they anticipate being able to hit the ball further than they can see sufficiently clearly. If conditions worsen during the day players will be instructed to leave the course by the sounding of a Klaxon.


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