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Photo comp

Annual Photo Competition 2015

Following keen interest shown and the quality and variety of photos submitted in the 2014 competition, we now invite and welcome suitable images taken by members for the current year. Please do not be deterred by a lack of expertise. Photos should be taken on and around the Course. Suitable entries will be displayed in the clubhouse as well as on our website.  Liquid prizes are on offer and will be awarded at the final supper competition on Saturday, 10th October. 

Please submit your entries on A4 paper and put them in the EWG pigeon hole.

If you have a problem with printing your entries please contact our coordinator Rex Kingsley who will be happy to provide any additional help and information.

Good luck to everyone – but do remember that your enthusiasm for “that perfect shot” must never impede fellow golfers in their pursuit of “that perfect golf shot”!

View a selection of entries from Phase 1 of the competition.

View a selection of entries from Phase 2 of the competition.