Eaton Golf Club – Dresscode
General Guidance
If apparel is specifically designed for golf or is sold in the Professional’s shop then it is deemed acceptable golf attire.

The following are not permitted on the course, in the clubhouse or on the patio:

  • Blue Denim jeans, cargo style trousers or non-tailored shorts, beach wear, collarless tee shirts.

On The Course
If it is specifically designed for golf, you can wear it on the course. 


  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Shorts, if worn, must be tailored, knee length and may be worn with sports socks.
  • Trousers are not under any circumstance to be tucked into socks.

The following is NOT permitted:

  • Skirts, shorts, skorts, golf dresses which reveal your ‘bottom’ at any time.
  • Tops with a plunging neckline or no collar (very small collars/upstands are okay).

Spike Bar And Patio
Golf attire or smart casual clothing are acceptable.

All those using the Spike Bar should ensure that their golf attire is in a presentable and dry condition. Caps and Visors are not to be worn. 

In The Clubhouse
Golf attire, smart casual clothing or jacket and tie may be worn throughout the clubhouse.

Gentlemen are requested to wear collared shirts (including roll neck and mock shirts) which must be tucked into tailored shorts or trousers.  Those who wish to wear sandals during the hot weather are welcome to do so but we would ask that you refrain from wearing them in the dining room.

Gentleman are asked to refrain from the wearing of tailored shorts in the lounge/dining room after 7pm.

Event publicity will define the dress code appropriate to specific golf and social functions.

Deemed Unacceptable:
Blue denim jeans, track suits, shell suits, men’s ¾ cut offs, army/combat clothing, sports trainers, caps/visors, wet/soiled clothing, bare feet.

Members are requested to ensure their guests comply with this guidance.

If members feel that someone is in violation of the dress code then they should bring this to the attention of the management, staff or officers of the club for them to deal with.

Thank you for your co-operation.