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Spitting Feathers Eaton Ale
A special real ale brewed locally in Waverton (available April to October)

Other Draught Beers

Guinness 4.1%
Heineken 5%
Amstell 4.1%
Strongbow 4.5%
Theakstons Best Bitter 3.8%

John Smiths Extra Cold 3.8%

Kaltenberg royal lager

Kingston press apple cider

Bottled Beers


Peroni 330ml
Beck’s Blue (non alcoholic)
Woodpecker Cider 275ml
Crabbies Ginger beer (alcoholic)

Very Low Alcohol Option

Windermere / Rock Shandy
Ginger beer, lime, angostura bitters and a dash of lemonade

Also a wide selection of soft drinks are available.


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